Hi, My Name is Mark Rhodes

Keto saved me from a life of disability.

I have reversed obesity, osteoporosis, stenosis, arthritis and now I am working on cardiovascular disease. As if this were not enough I have found a community of like individuals who have found a reversal of their previously dismal fortunes. Together we continue to explore and experiment with nutrition and in my case a Ketogenic Diet.

I hope to use this blog to document and share my past success. Share my secrets. Share what little knowledge I have accumulated and continue to expand lore how I tweak my ketogenic success. I will cover keto, fasting, resistance training ( weight lifting) as well as cross country skiing, kayaking, bicycling.

I tried to do this last July but my best friend Herakles became really ill and eventually passed on. I spent all my spare time with him because, well I LOVE MY FAMILY. I still have my Sugar Bear, a Newfoundland and my wife, Jamie but now I can devote some time to properly launching this endeavor. Those who know me from Facebook and conventions will understand immediately why I left this project linger. It was more important to focus on my family- but I did not let up on following my ketogenic lifestyle.

See I believe that a ketogenic lifestyle is just that. It is not a diet, it is not a fad, it is not a 6 week plan. Nope. this is a way of living that provides health and nourishment both of the body and of the spirit. When we travel we eat keto. Christmas Day? Keto. Funerals? Keto. not because I am fanatical but as my keto friends say ” Nothing taste as good as healthy feels.” SO lets get cracking.

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