My first fast was rather accidental. In July of 2017 we had a smoker come to my place of employment and there we had humongous amounts of beef brisket. The smoker dude was very obliging to make a KETO rub that avoided sugars ad it was delicious. I must of ate 2 or more pounds of brisket and pulled pork. I was FULL. This was noon. I got home that day about 4 and I lifted weights, showered watched TV but told my wife that I wouldn’t be making dinner as I just wasn’t hungry,

I awoke the next day and I thought well heck, here it is 4 AM and I normally don’t eat till noon and I kept going but as noon approached and I was doing so good I thought, “Shit, bet I could do 48” and kept right on not eating. I went with the guys that night for a get together and they stopped for Solly’s Butter Burgers in Milwaukee. I was envious but I stuck to my guns and didn’t eat. Morning came and I lifted weights again and afterwards, just shy of 48 I had something to eat after my workout. I have been a faster pretty much since then.

My longest has been 10 days. I don’t count anything under 24. I consider and extended fast to be at least 48. My muscle mass is pretty high and as a result I do not empty out of glycogen any where near the imaginary 18 hour mark. More like 30-36 hours for me. So I find 36 to be a good amount of time but not the optimal amount of time. FOrf that I like 48 plus.

Since December 1 with breaks for the holidays we were doing an alternative day fast (ADF) where we would stop eating around 8PM. Not eat the entire next day and again till noon or so. This would produce between 36 and 40 hours fasted. The eat for 8 and start again. What I do not like about this is starting and stopping my eating so frequently because I like to friggin’ eat!!! I’d almost rather do 5 days once a month that this. But I started this ADF for the benefit of my wife who had been seriously stalled for over a year. The ADF was getting her about 1/2 every cycle. This is the maximum I believe the average person can lose. 1/2 pound per day fasted.

My Green Bay Packers were in the playoffs! It was hard enough not eating during regular season games. But to not eat during PLAYOFFS? NAH!! SO I started a 2 X 2 Fast. This is the same start time as an ADF but I fast Monday and Tuesday, eat Wednesday and fast Thursday and Friday and again feasting on the weekends. My results will be forthcoming .

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