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I was typing this up to give to my cardiologist’s nurse. She has some issues  and I thought a little information might help her.  I will not name the office in deference to her privacy.  I thought I would post it on One Note, so the links are live for her to use.  Then I thought why not make ot more readily available?  So here it is on www.ketopd.com

I will warn you, the cognitive dissonance here is tremendous.  After 4 weeks I literally sat down and said to myself “none of this makes sense.  It goes against everything I was taught as an undergraduate studying exercise physiology at UW Whitewater. The only way to make progress is to start over and pretend I now NOTHING about nutrition.” It was then I began to make progress. I threw out a 26,000 thousand dollar education and made PROGRESS!! Have not looked back.  Until it stops working no one will convince me otherwise.

 In many ways the ketogenic diet mimics fasting and to be sure not all fasting is about weight control. Indeed fasting societies of the last 300 years starting with Ben Franklin and accounting for the Hygeniscists all fasted for health. Both types of diets lower the amount of insulin that the pancreas produces. Chronic insulin elevation is what is so detrimental to our modern society causing ALL forms metabolic disease. I subscribe to the Theory of Hyperinsulinemia of Obesity put forth by Dr. Jason Fung nephrologist which posits that chronic insulin, a storage hormone misunderstood as a glucose hormone, drives obesity and chronic inflammation. Basically thee body is defending itself 100% of the time.  Many people , especially the healthcare industry with it’s specialties refuses to understand that this is all one issue, hyperinsulinemia.  Diabetes, heart, Alzheimer’s ( TYPE 3 diabetes), most cancers ( see Otto Warburg, Thomas Seyfried and Dom Dagnistino among others), Parkinson’s, BiPolar ( see Georgia Ede) which includes information on why an animal based diet may be the healthiest.

Keto and Fasting are not about losing weight but regaining one’s true health. I truly believe my heart stayed healthy during this AFIB and pulmonary embolism due to the high level of ketones I maintained. I was 3.3 mmol as a heart in failure relies on ketones.

I will list some informative videos to watch in regards to PCOS fasting and keto.

Dr. Nadia and PCOS https://www.doctornadia.com/single-post/2019/03/14/low-carb-denver-2019

Carolina Cartier   https://www.lowcarbusa.org/pcos-carolina-cartier-ep-30/

For Overall BEST information



Our friends at www.virtahealth.com have partnered with BCBSof CA to use a ketogenic diet to reverse T2D among other things.

My OTHER cardiologist can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hFwGF0zYYo and his name is Nadir Ali. Another  2 guys to pay attention to are Ivor Cummins and Patrick Theut and his work with K2 forms and reversing his Agatston Score to zero.

Of course, if you made it this far you might say fine. But I am worried about the environmental issues of an animal based diet. Well our good friend Peter Ballerstedt, The SODFATHER delivers an awesome understanding of Agronomy.

I am still awaiting some information. My post about Pulmonary Embolism and my visit to the ICU is upcoming. Stay Tuned.

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