Pulmonary Embolism and Arrhythmia

First lets dispel it is diet related. Nope. All diets, all activity levels and all ages can possibly develop a PE.  The most common causes are provoked incidents of surgery, injury (deep bruises) or long inactivity where one’s legs are in a seated position- think of 18 hour flight to Australia. Some are related to hormones. Pregnancy is a common inducer as are estrogen or testosterone supplementation.  Furthermore 1 in 6 people die right off the bat. BOOM. Like a stroke your PE blocks the oxygen to the heart and hence the rest of the body- worse is if the clots breaks off and lodges in the heart.

Nicotine and lipolysis

I originally posted this in The Ketogenic Forums in 2018. I am posting here for others to see. I am working on a new post regarding my Moderna shot and subsequent stay in the ICU with a pulmonary embolism


My first fast was rather accidental. In July of 2017 we had a smoker come to my place of employment and there we had humongous amounts of beef brisket. The smoker dude was very obliging to make a KETO rub that avoided sugars ad it was delicious. I must of ate 2 or more pounds …