Chasing Calories neither creates significant weight loss or health

Calories In Calories Out or CICO  is an outdated theory and has, in my mind, less credibility than say The Hyperinsulinemia Theory of Obesity.   Although I believe calories do matter ultimately if you are a body builder or fitness athlete or desperate to get those last "ten pounds", most of us will not have to …

Pulmonary Embolism and Arrhythmia

First lets dispel it is diet related. Nope. All diets, all activity levels and all ages can possibly develop a PE.  The most common causes are provoked incidents of surgery, injury (deep bruises) or long inactivity where one’s legs are in a seated position- think of 18 hour flight to Australia. Some are related to hormones. Pregnancy is a common inducer as are estrogen or testosterone supplementation.  Furthermore 1 in 6 people die right off the bat. BOOM. Like a stroke your PE blocks the oxygen to the heart and hence the rest of the body- worse is if the clots breaks off and lodges in the heart.

Nicotine and lipolysis

I originally posted this in The Ketogenic Forums in 2018. I am posting here for others to see. I am working on a new post regarding my Moderna shot and subsequent stay in the ICU with a pulmonary embolism